AI For Inclusive Education: Unlocking The Potential Of Every Student

Dive into the future of education with us as we embark on an exciting Erasmus+ journey to enhance inclusive education through the power of Artificial Intelligence.


ERASMUS+ project: Enhancing Inclusive Education in Higher Education Institutions with Artificial Intelligence

AI-ENABLE is an innovative EU project that brings together four universities and one NGO from Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey with a mission to explore and harness the untapped potential of AI technologies and tools to create a more inclusive educational experience for all students. The project, which lasts from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2025, is funded by ERASMUS+ programme and is led by the University of Maribor, Slovenia.

Project aims to:


Supporting Educators, Educational Institutions Leaders and Policy-makers

Through collaborative efforts, we are excited to introduce a range of outputs that aim to redefine the landscape of inclusive education through the integration of Artificial Intelligence. Our commitment to innovation and inclusivity is reflected in the following project outcomes:

Framework and Guidelines for AI Integration in Inclusive Education

Designed to guide the smooth integration of AI into inclusive education practices. Tailored for educators and educational institutions leaders.

Collection of Good Practices of AI Integration in Inclusive Education

Learn from success stories within our project. This repository showcases innovative approaches, providing a practical guide for educators.

E-Learning Platform and Online Course for Teachers

Empowering teachers with skills and knowledge, this output ensures they stay at the forefront of inclusive education by integrating AI seamlessly into their teaching practices.

Multiplier Events for Dissemination

Join us at our Multiplier Events, where we will disseminate project insights, facilitate discussions, and foster collaboration.

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✨ Discover AI-powered tools that assist with grammar, spelling, and sentence construction, making writing more accessible for students with dyslexia and other learning challenges. Check out tools such as Ginger, Grammarly and QuillBot, that can help unlock the potential of every student. 📝 #InclusiveTech #EducationForAll